The Eagle Center for Creativity and Innovation [TECCI]

Founded in 2015, The Eagle Center for Creativity and Innovation (TECCI)® at Alta Loma Christian School focuses on providing unique opportunities for student creativity and innovation, all in the context of a Christian worldview. This includes applied science, technology, engineering, mathematics, fine arts, visual arts, performing arts, and entrepreneurship.

TECCI is an incubator for conceiving and growing new and emerging arts and sciences programs at ALCS, each designed to equip our students with unique 21st century learning opportunities. One of the first programs to come under TECCI’s wing in 2015-2016 was the Meet the Masters art education program, followed by music education, worship, and performance.

In 2016-2017, TECCI was the umbrella for our new STEM program. We started with space science and engineering for grades 1 through 8, and call it SpaceEagles. For STEM students in grades 4-8, we are one of only 11 schools in the nation participating in a cutting-edge STEM program based in the Silicon Valley called the Quest for Space Beta International Space Station Program. Program partners include The Quest Institute for Quality Education, LEGO® Education, Microsoft®, Nanoracks®, and NASA. The Quest for Space Beta ISS program at ALCS is comprised of two teams: Level 1 for grades 4-5, and Level 2 for grades 6-8. These two ISS teams have robotic engineering projects and programming as a major part of their program. All STEM offerings at ALCS have components of the NextGen Science Standards (NGSS). On Friday, April 28, 2017, our first ALCS Tech Fair debuted, featuring ALCS student creations in animation, digital gaming, video production, graphic design, digital photography, graphic 3D modeling, and productivity design.

In 2017-2018, in addition to sustaining all of the foregoing programs, TECCI is planning to add additional performing arts with the introduction of dance, including sacred dance.

We envision further expansion of TECCI programs, not only with more STEM elements, but with offerings in fine arts, visual arts, and performing arts, and opportunities for entrepreneurship. For example, dependent upon (1) student interest and (2) resources, this could include such possibilities as: STEM Meteorology (ThunderBirds®) with the WeatherBug National Meteorological Program and Los Angeles CBS affiliate Channel 2; expanding the robotics component of SpaceEagles® into a STEM robotic engineering program called EagleBOTS®; Screen arts and video/film production named EAGLEWORKS, PICTURES®; Broadcast journalism/TV/radio modeled after ABC affiliate Channel 7, called EAGLE7 EYEWITNESS NEWS®; a student authors club that would publish their own book of student created writings and illustrations, entitled ImagineEagles,®; digital graphic design; graphic 3D modeling; digital photography; 3D printing; expanded instrumental music; productivity design; entrepreneurial business projects/components; and similar opportunities under TECCI.