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wassiffgAlta Loma Christian School is where children learn, grow, and have fun in a safe and nurturing environment. The focus of ALCS for the past three decades has been on preparing children from preschool through eighth grade for a successful future: academically, socially, and spiritually. We work hard to provide an excellent education for children in the Inland Valley, with the highest quality of technology and education practices. We celebrate the unique gifts that God has given each child, while encouraging team-building and cooperative problem-solving in every classroom.

Our school offers preschool through eighth grade, and all elementary and middle school students are individually tested before they are placed in a classroom. Low student-to-teacher classroom ratios provide for the most effective learning environment, ensuring that each child is given every opportunity for success. Students receive individual attention and also benefit from group interactions in which they can build confidence and skills in a larger social environment.

Our experienced and highly qualified teachers provide the instruction and motivation for our students to perform to their highest potential. We aim to provide the highest quality teaching tools, methods and materials for our students. In recent years, our state and national testing results have proven the success of our classroom instruction.

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Partnership opportunities

Partnership opportunities

While ALCS is broadly categorized as a private Christian school, the reality of our purpose as an educational institution reaches far beyond academics, and digs much deeper than social development. We are more than a school. We are an outreach. As a ministry of Solid Ground Church, our mission is to partner with families to raise children who will impact the world for Jesus Christ. It is our prayer that each child departs our school with not only academic knowledge and problem-solving skills, but also a deep sense of faith in the Word of God on which they can stand and rely for the rest of their lives. In summary, we touch hearts and train minds.

ALCS relies greatly on the contributions and generous hearts of friends and families who support our mission. Fundraising in recent years has contributed heavily or entirely to providing student iPads in middle school, a new playground structure, and a state-of-the-art computer lab among many other services and resources that enrich the educational experience of our students. There are ongoing opportunities for individuals, families, and businesses to help further the advancement and fulfill the mission of the school, and we encourage you to prayerfully consider becoming an ALCS mutual partner.

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Middle school iPads Padded playground structure All-in-one computer workstations

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