Technology and Media

In today’s world, it is crucial that we help our students and families keep up with the pace of technology. In 2010, ALCS partnered with Beyond Technology Education (BTE) to ensure that our students are educated in an environment that takes advantage of the endless opportunities of modern technology, adding a new level of excitement and value to learning. With over three decades of combined experience in Educational Technology, BTE brings its knowledge of state standards, and current technology standards and methods, to the classroom in order to improve teaching and learning through the use of technology. BTE provides regular assessment and training of ALCS staff, and a curriculum for each grade level that teaches students the elements of technology required for them to be successful in school and in their careers, including word processing, spreadsheets, multimedia, desktop publishing, and keyboarding (all of which are introduced and taught at the earliest grade levels). Lessons are also integrated into the existing classroom curriculum at each grade level, creating a seamless inclusion of classroom content into BTE’s technology lessons.

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In order to provide a learning environment that encourages the use of technology, BTE designed a brand new, state-of-the-art computer lab at ALCS that includes 22 workstations, the latest software, and an interactive white board. The lab is used by all students in grades K-8 for weekly computer classes.

Alta Loma Christian School Technology

Google Apps for Education and the Middle School iPad Program
In 2012, ALCS implemented a one-to-one iPad program in middle school. Every 6th-8th grader receives a school-issued iPad to use at school and home for the duration of the school year. Aside from the convenience of having electronic textbooks, the iPads bring personalized learning, collaboration, and 21st century learning skills to the forefront of the school’s academic experience.

iPad In addition, ALCS is a Google Apps for Education school, which allows each middle school student to be issued their own school Google account and email address, which enhances collaboration and communication between the students and faculty in a safe and encouraging digital environment that is closely monitored by school administrators. Please visit the Middle School Page to learn more about how ALCS teachers and students use iPads to learn, engage, and interact.

Student Coding Curriculum
In 2015, ALCS integrated introductory computer programming – known commonly as coding – into the existing computer curriculum. By implementing a combination of tools and lessons from BTE and, all students from preschool through eighth grade engage in coding, which is now considered an essential framework of 21st century skills that strengthen students’ abilities to think critically and creatively and prepare them for high school, college, and career. Alta Loma Christian School is currently one of the only school systems in Southern California to offer coding instruction to all age levels between preschool and middle school.

In addition to the comprehensive partnership ALCS has developed with BTE, we have taken further steps toward integrating technology into almost every aspect of the educational experience at ALCS. Every classroom from 2nd-8th grade is equipped with an interactive whiteboard projector. Academic scores, attendance, and other student information is recorded through RenWeb, a comprehensive school management system that provides constant connection between the classroom, office, and home. Through our school website, visitors can download admissions materials, email staff members, view school documents and announcements, and communicate with the school in various ways. Students attend a weekly computer class in our technology lab and also spend additional time throughout the year integrating their learned technical skills into their classroom lessons. Each classroom is equipped with at least one computer for teacher and student use, and every teacher has an iPad that they use in a variety of ways to enhance student learning.

ALCS also participates in the Accelerated Reader program. This excellent reading program allows students to read books that are appropriate to their reading level, take quizzes on computer, and track their own performance in reading comprehension. A wide selection of books are available to our students in our school library which contains over 6,000 titles. Parents can also connect to Accelerated Reader online to monitor their child’s progress. We continue to seek new ways to prepare our students for an increasingly technological world.