Elementary School

Touching hearts and training minds is our goal in our elementary school program.  We live out our mission statement of partnering with parents to raise children who impact the world for Jesus Christ.  Our elementary students develop a strong foundation of core academic skills and concepts as well as biblical essentials.  Our administrators, teachers, and staff members are dedicated to help our students grow academically and spiritually to become the young men and women God created them to be.

Our carefully selected curriculum integrates the Bible in all subjects, and we use textbooks that meet or exceed the California standards at each grade level.  Technology is also integrated into core subjects, and our innovative technology lab and computer teacher provide the framework for our classroom teachers that reach beyond the textbook and provide students with real-life learning experiences.  Beyond Technology Education trains and equips our teachers to create and utilize lesson plans which incorporate the technology skills students are learning in the computer lab.

Students also have a variety of enrichment courses, which include Computers, Music, Spanish, and P.E., all taught by specialists in those areas.  We participate in the Presidential Fitness Testing Program, with many students attaining National and Presidential status.  Our reading program utilizes the Accelerated Reader program, and our library includes over 7000 books to encourage students to read to reach their six week point goals.  Several of our classrooms have achieved Model Classroom status, a national recognition through Renaissance Place.

Weekly chapel times include worship led by our student worship band, and relevant messages are shared with students to encourage them develop a Christian worldview and apply the Bible’s truths to their lives. We count it a privilege to share God’s love with our students and their families.

To learn more about our program, including information about student recognitions, grading policies, parent communication, and classroom policies, please refer to the ALCS Parent Handbook.