Academic Accomplishments

Accelerated Reader National Honor Roll Status
alta loma christian schoolIn 2015, Alta Loma Christian School became just the second school in California to earn the honor of being named on the National Honor Roll for School Reading Achievement by Renaissance Learning. ALCS has earned this national recognition for outstanding performance in advancing reading practice and proficiency across multiple grade levels. Accelerated Reader National Honor Roll School Certification demonstrates that over 80% of the school’s students have met or exceeded goals for reading practice and comprehension in addition to surpassing an 85% correct rate for comprehension. After reading fiction and non-fiction books at the appropriate level, students take quizzes to assess their comprehension. Accelerated Reader provides immediate feedback to help teachers facilitate reading level growth. For more information on the award, please visit (enter California and Accelerated Reader).

Math Olympics
Every school year, ALCS students compete against 10-15 other schools in the Southern California region in the Math Olympics. At each grade level beginning with 3rd grade, four students compete in a series of either computation or reasoning math problems against students from other schools. The 2017 Math Olympics took place at Upland Christian Academy in Rancho Cucamonga, at which 12 of ALCS’ 24 participants placed in the top 5 at their respective levels, including three first place finishes. With 60 possible awards in all, ALCS took home one out of every five awards. The 2017 Math Olympics participants were:

math olympics 20163rd grade
Computation: Madeleine C. (1st place, medal for scoring 85%+), Xander H.
Reasoning: Jason R., Madison C.

4th grade
Computation: Isabella M., Lucas B.
Reasoning: Audrey H. (4th place), Nathan W. (3rd place)

5th grade
Computation: Ethan C., Jaspreet S.
Reasoning: Alejandra R., Alana B. (5th place)

6th grade
Computation: Samuel M. (2nd place), Elias C. (4th place)
Reasoning: Sai K. (3rd place), Joshua D.

7th grade
Computation: Jared R. (1st place, medal for scoring 85%+), Ezekiel Z.
Reasoning: Tyler B. (3rd place), Michelle L. (4th place)

8th grade
Computation: Ezekiel Z., Savanna V.
Reasoning: Danielle D. (1st place, medal for scoring 85%+), Simon N. (3rd place)

Million Word Reader Club
The Accelerated Reader Program automatically keeps track of the number of words that each student reads throughout the school year, and ALCS recognizes students who succeed in reading 1,000,000 words in a single school year with a certificate and exclusive luncheon with the Principal.
For the 2016-2017 school year, 28 students read more than one million words:

Sathvik K. (1st grade) Leilani D. (2nd grade) Alana B. (3rd grade) Sydney B. (3rd grade)
Madeleine C. (3rd grade) Matthew D. (3rd grade) Ivana D. (3rd grade) Xander H. (3rd grade)
Zia Y. (3rd grade) Audrey H. (4th grade) Nathan W. (4th grade) Alana B. (5th grade)
Lizzie O. (5th grade) Alejandra R. (5th grade) Shantal D. (6th grade) Aleena H. (6th grade)
Sai K. (6th grade) Ezekiel Z. (8th grade) Samuel M. (6th grade) Tyler B. (7th grade)
Monica B. (7th grade) Michelle L. (7th grade) Jared R. (7th grade) Ishan S. (7th grade)
Samuel B. (8th grade) Danielle D. (8th grade) Evan M. (8th grade) Simon N. (8th grade)

Out of these 28 outstanding, four of them reached the multi-million word mark:

  • Sydney B. – 2,332,850 words
  • Sai K. – 2,033,764 words
  • Tyler B. – 2,117,874 words
  • Samuel B. – 3,014,782 words

2017 Carson Scholarship Recipients
The Carson Scholar Fund was created in 1994 by American neurosurgeon Ben Carson, Sr., and rewards scholarships to students in grades 4-11 who “exemplify academic excellence and humanitarian qualities.” Candidates must be enrolled in a public or accredited private school and submit a number of credentials/achievements, along with a 500-word essay on an assigned topic. In 2017, three ALCS students were selected as Carson Scholars: 5th grader Alana B. (first-time recipient), 7th grader Tyler B. (three-time recipient) and 8th grader Ezekiel Z. (four-time recipient). All three students receive a $1,000 scholarship that will be invested in their college educations.

Spelling Bee Winners
Every school year, ALCS students in 1st-8th grade participate in a school-wide spelling bee by competing against each other in their own classes. The top spelling performer from each grade then moves on to compete at the District Spelling Bee against other schools in the area. The following students competed in the 2017 District Spelling Bee:

  • 1st Grade: Sathvik K. (1st place), Madison S.
  • 2nd Grade: Hayden H. (2nd place), Zachary S (6th place)
  • 3rd Grade: Madeleine C. (3rd place), and Carlos S.
  • 4th Grade: Audrey H. (4th place)
  • 5th Grade: Azalea E. (4th place)
  • 6th Grade: Sai K. (2nd place)
  • 7th Grade: Monica B.
  • 8th Grade: Cyrus G.


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