Faculty and Staff

Administration and Staff
Dr. Vance Nichols, Head of School (ext. 2203)
Mrs. Renee Winn, Assistant Principal (ext. 2202)
Mrs. Irene Lopez, Pre-School Director (ext. 2205)
Mrs. Laura Carey-Jedlick, Director of Business Operations and Student Services (ext. 2201)
Mrs. Olivia Cleland, Office Manager, Summer Program Director (ext. 2204)
Mrs. Betty Mutchler , Administrative Assistant (ext. 2200)
Mrs. Lorraine Rodricks, Office Assistant (ext. 2204)
Miss Jessica Donis, Playground Supervisor and After-school Care Director
Mr. Justin Royse, Technical Director and Webmaster

Enrichment Faculty
Mrs. Irene Lopez, Librarian (ext. 2105)
Mrs. Marisela Chavarin, Middle School Spanish Teacher, 8th Grade History Teacher (ext. 2116)
Mr. Gabe Herrera, K-8th Grade PE Teacher, 7th Grade History Teacher
Mrs. Laura Deck, Director of Innovations, PK-8th Grade Computer Teacher (ext. 2116)
Mrs. Kathryn Childs, Music Teacher (ext. 2117)

Support Staff
Miss Jessica Donis, Playground Supervisor and After-school Care
Miss Lauren Taylor, Before-School Care, Aide
Mr. Efrain Alfaro, Aide, After-School Care
Miss Rebecca Hubbard, Aide
Miss Elizabeth Caamal, After-School Care Aide
Mr. Jacob Acevedo, Maintenance and Security

Mrs. Yolanda Rios, Pre-School (ext. 2103)
Mrs. Paula Campbell, Pre-School
Miss Olivia Linton, Pre-School
Miss Libni Poot, Pre-School
Miss Lesly Poot, Pre-School (ext. 2103)
Mrs. Julia Mitchell, Pre-School (ext. 2104)
Miss Shelli Carpenter, Kindergarten (ext. 2101)
Mrs. Alexis Fu, Kindergarten (ext. 2102)
Mrs. Tamara Griffith, First Grade (ext. 2107)
Mrs. Christine Perez, First Grade (ext. 2108)
Mrs. Angela Jensen, Second Grade (ext. 2109)
Mrs. Jennifer Palmer, Third Grade (ext. 2110)
Mrs. Julie Villanueva , Fourth Grade (ext. 2111)
Mr. Charles Wassif, Fifth Grade (ext. 2112)
Mrs. Josephine Syiem, Middle School (ext. 2113)
Mr. Justin Royse, Middle School (ext. 2114)
Mr. Gabriel Herrera, Middle School (ext. 2115)
Mrs. Michelle Martinez, Middle School (ext. 2115)
Miss Jasmine Royse, Middle School (ext. 2116)
Ms. Marisela Chavarin, Middle School (ext. 2116)