Tech Fair 2018

Alta Loma Christian School is excited to host the second annual ALCS Technology Fair, taking place on Friday, March 2, 2018. The Tech Fair is a great opportunity for students in grades 2-8 to join their artistic/creative skills with technology-based tools to produce original creations that display the unique talents and abilities of God’s children. Students who participate in the Tech Fair are encouraged to present creations that not only showcase their own abilities, but also provide opportunities to collaborate and encourage each other and develop ideas to serve the local community, all in the spirit of God’s grace and compassion for His people.

From coding and applied computing, to graphic design and video production, any eligible student willing to submit an original project to showcase his/her creative talents and mastery of technology-based tools is encouraged to participate.

What’s New in 2018?
The inaugural ALCS Tech Fair in 2017 was a huge success in highlighting the unique and impressive abilities and ingenuity of our participating (check out some of their completed projects), as well as encouraging the students who did not participate to take advantage of the next opportunity to showcase their own skills. However, in our commitment to never stop improving, minor yet significant changes have been made to the format of Tech Fair 2018:

  • Awards: Due to the challenge of evaluating and comparing unique, creative and artistic endeavors against each other, 1st through 3rd place awards will not be given at Tech Fair 2018. Instead, each individual project will be evaluated by several professionals on the basis of not only creativity and technical skill, but also: the planning and process required to complete the project; the level of effort to develop new skills in order to complete the project; the potential impact of the project to positively contribute to the community, society, or the world at large; and collaborative efforts. Every project will have an opportunity to stand out as an honorable mention based on these additional criteria.
  • Project Presentation: Students who participated in Tech Fair 2017 presented their projects in one of two closed rooms on campus in front of a panel of qualified and professional judges. Although this presentation format allowed students to strengthen their skills in presentation and professionalism, it prevented other students and teachers from seeing the finished products, and also did not allow Tech Fair participants to see the other projects. Therefore, this year’s Tech Fair participants will have opportunities throughout the day to showcase their finished projects to other classes – including teachers – in an effort to promote more collaboration and showcase our students’ skills to their peers, teachers, and families.
  • Applied Computing: One field of technology that was noticeably absent from Tech Fair 2017 was applied/physical computing. While our students continually strengthen their software-based talents, applied computing – the exercise of using software to control or manipulate physical devices – is an increasingly popular and relevant field of study as all of our physical devices become more dependent on intelligent software. Therefore, Tech Fair 2018 has the additional project category of Applied Computing. Students who are interested in applied computing but are uncertain about where to begin are encouraged to consider the Raspberry Pi or Lego MindTronics and Robotics as a starting point.


Event Details
Event Date: Friday, March 2, 2018
Last Day to Register: Friday, Friday, February 2, 2018
Registration Fee: $10 per student (includes ALCS Tech Fair t-shirt and ice cream party)

Students who would like to register for Tech Fair 2018 need to submit the completed registration form (including the $10 registration fee) to the office by Friday, Feb. 2, 2018.

Registration and payment may also be made online using the registration form below (payments are sent securly with PayPal using any credit card; a PayPal account is NOT required).

  • Please note: separate registration and payment is required for partners; every student must submit a registration form and payment to cover the cost of the Tech Fair spirit shirt.


Project Categories
Coding/programming (e.g. block programming (Scratch), Java, scripting, etc.)
Physical/applied Computing (e.g. Raspberry Pi-based projects, robotics, etc.)
Digital Photography Manipulation (Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Pixlr, etc.)
Graphic Design (e.g. Adobe Illustrator, Krita, Vectr, Inkscape, etc.)
Graphic 3D Design (e.g. AutoCAD, TinkerCAD, Minecraft, etc.)
Productivity Design (e.g. Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint, Google apps, etc.)
Video Production (e.g. iMovie, Adobe Premier, Adobe Spark Video, Final Cut Pro, etc.)


  • Participants can complete their project either independently or with ONE teammate (both teammates must currently be in the same grade).
  • Parents are welcome to support participants by helping them brainstorm, develop ideas, and/or review their final projects. However, parents are discouraged from contributing their own technical skills to the project itself. Student projects should display the skills, creativity, and talents of the students and the students alone.
  • If a student chooses to complete a project with a partner, both students must be in the same grade level.