2nd Grade Cultural Project Empowers Students to Explore, Create, and Share

“God made us all unique and special, and we should honor and respect each other because we are all made in His image.” – Ms. Jensen, 2nd grade teacher

Shortly after celebrating Thanksgiving and the journey of the pilgrims, Mrs. Jensen’s second graders embarked on their own educational journeys to learn about their family cultures.

The students were assigned the task of researching their ancestral histories and putting together a collection of cultural facts about their parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc. The students then created their own figurines to represent their ancestral cultures, including either traditional or ceremonial attire, and presented them along with their discovered facts to the entire class.

“We do this project each year as a creative way for the students to research their family history and heritage,” explained Ms. Jensen. “I love this project because it helps the students to learn about and appreciate their own culture, as well as appreciate the differences in other cultures.”

By the end of the project, the class had been exposed to the fascinating histories and traditions of countries and people groups around the world. Check out the individual projects below: