ALCS Students Showcase Their Creativity and Talents at Tech Fair

(“Character” logo created by Michelle L., 7th grade | “Atom” logo created by Kristen Metzinger)

Envisioned, organized, and led by Alta Loma Christian School’s Director of Innovation, Mrs. Laura Deck, ALCS held its inaugural technology showcase today—Tech Fair 2017—highlighted by remarkable student creations and affirmations from judges that included professionals in various technology-related fields.

ALCS students from the second through eighth grades created and presented judges with 36 entries in the categories of Animation, Digital Gaming, Video Production, Digital Photography, Graphic 3D Modeling, Graphic Design, and Productivity Design.

Judges included area, regional, and national professionals in vocations directly related to the categories of entry, as well as student and alumni judges from the technology program at Western Christian High School. Original artwork for the Tech Fair (above) was created by ALCS middle school artist, Michelle.

“We have amazing kids,” beamed Mrs. Deck. “It was all them. They are the ones that made this all happen. It’s their amazing work.”

“We do have amazing, talented, and gifted students. That was evident by the work they did for the Tech Fair,” smiled Dr. Vance Nichols, ALCS head of school. “And we also have amazing, talented, and gifted teachers. Mrs. Deck conceived of and put together an event that would bring out the finest in creativity from our students while also strongly affirming each and every child’s efforts, where judges would truly appreciate our kids’ efforts and encourage and uplift each child. That’s a huge thing for our kids. Both our kids and Mrs. Deck and her Tech Fair team are to be highly commended for an outstanding event.”

Mrs. Deck spearheaded creation of the event, after last year’s ALCS student technology team was disheartened at an event they attended that did not understand or appreciate the innovative work they had accomplished.

So Mrs. Deck, Director of Innovation, innovated.

“The result is that she brought out the best in our kids,” said Dr. Nichols. “And wow, did they ever produce creative, heartfelt, and wonderful work.”

The stellar group of judges included Holly Murdoch O’Brien, an accomplished writer, producer, and field director with over 20 years of film and television experience; Ann Marie Lougheed, owner and photographer at Ann Marie Studios; and Mr. David Forniss of Extron Electronics.

Here are the results of Tech Fair 2017, ALCS’ inaugural student technology showcase:

Video Production
Senior Division:
1st Place, Ezekiel Z.
2nd Place, Rupali B.
3rd Place, Jadelyn H.
Junior Division:
1st Place, Javier J.
2nd Place, Audrey H.
3rd Place, Jack F.

Digital Gaming
Senior Division:
1st Place, Jeffrey K. and Evan M.
Junior Division:
1st Place, Ra’Jean J. and Sophia N.

Digital Photography
Senior Division:
1st Place, Mason L.
2nd Place, Kayla S.
Junior Division:
1st Place, Jordan F.
2nd Place, Samantha M. and Jailyn D.
3rd Place, Azalea E.

Senior Division:
1st Place, Simon N.
Junior Division:
1st Place, Ivana D. and Madison C.

Productivity Design
Junior Division:
1st Place, Xander H.
2nd Place, Hunter K.
3rd Place, Hudson K.

Graphic Design
Senior Division:
1st Place, Michelle L.: Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3
2nd Place, Sai K.
3rd Place, Korrina L.
Junior Division:
1st Place, Madeline C.

Graphic 3D Modeling
Senior Division:
1st Place, Samuel M.
2nd Place, Vincent B.
3rd Place, Joshua B.