Preschool’s “Coins for Change” Raises over $1,300 for Rural Families

Alta Loma Christian School’s preschool participated in the “Coins for Change” fundraiser from March 20 through April 13. Coins for Change was a partnership between the school and World Vision to collect loose change from our students and families in order to raise money to buy farm animals for families in need of income.

The combined goal for preschool was to raise $700, which would purchase a diary cow, although each of the four preschool classes was also competing for a pizza party. With one day left in the fundraiser, Miss Libni’s and Miss P.’s classes were battling for the top spot, and the combined classes had raised a total amount of $840, more than enough for the cow. But a last second contribution gave Miss Linton’s class a winning push and skyrocketed the total collected amount to a total amount of $1,380!

Not only was preschool able to provide a dairy cow to a single mother, it also provided an ox and plow for a farm, a goat, and several rabbits, chickens and ducks to help low income families in South America and Africa. Providing farm animals not only provides food, but also allows families to earn their own income and give their children the resources they need to attend school and receive their education.

And the final amount surpassed the preschool goal to such an extent that all four preschool classes combined for one massive pizza party to celebrate their efforts to share the compassion and love of Jesus to families around the world.

Thank you to all of our families and friends who gave and prayed for our fundraiser. It is a blessing to see the generosity or our ALCS families for the sake of positively impacting families around the world for Christ!

For more information on animals and gifts through World Vision, and child sponsorship, please visit World Vision.