Eagle Olympians Take Gold at the Math Olympics

Alta Loma Christian School’s Math Olympics team captured three first place awards and three accompanying medals for scoring 85% or above in their category, and the team earned nine other place awards at the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) Math Olympics on April 7.

Here are the 15 awards earned by our Eagle Olympians last Friday in their outstanding performance:

  • 3rd Grade: Madeleine C. (1st place computation, medal for scoring 85%+);
  • 4th Grade: Nathan W. (3rd place reasoning), Audrey H. (4th place reasoning);
  • 5th Grade: Alana B. (2nd place reasoning);
  • 6th Grade: Samuel M. (2nd place computation), Sai K. (3rd place reasoning), Elias C. (4th place computation);
  • 7th Grade: Jared R. (1st place computation, medal for 85%+), Tyler B. (3rd place reasoning), Michelle L. (4th place reasoning);
  • 8th Grade: Danielle D. (1st place reasoning, medal for 85%+), Simon N. (3rd place reasoning).
  • ALCS was one of 11 schools competing in the event. Congratulations to all our students, teachers, coaches, and to the entire ALCS Math Olympics Team! Great job, Eagles!