Three ALCS Students Selected as 2017 Carson Scholars

he Carson Scholars Fund has announced that a record-number of students from Alta Loma Christian School have been selected as 2017 Recognized Carson Scholars. The students’ accomplishment elevates ALCS into an exclusive group of schools in the country that not only have one Carson Scholar, but three.

Ezekiel Z. (8th grade), Tyler B. (7th grade), and Alana B. (5th grade) have each been named national Carson Scholars, an honor that is intended to reflect the absolute best in youth from across the country and assist students in their future college education and goals.

“Their achievements and service to their communities are what make them stand out as future leaders,” wrote Ms. Katie Damaroda, Scholarship Director for the Carson Scholars Fund, in a letter to ALCS Head of School, Dr. Vance Nichols.

“We are overjoyed by this highly respected national honor for Ezekiel, Ty, and Alana,” smiled Dr. Nichols. “Being selected a Carson Scholar is a significant accomplishment, and represents the best of our nation’s youth and our promise for the future. It is not an easy thing to be selected.”

Criteria for even being considered for selection are quite stringent. These include the student performing at a high academic level, while also being involved in humanitarian efforts, with clear achievements in both realms. It is not unusual for a student to have to apply more than one year, in order for a proven track record of academic and humanitarian achievement to build up enough to be considered by Carson Scholars Fund officials.

“We recognize that educators play an essential role in our scholars’ success,” stated Ms. Damaroda. “Thank you for the important role you play in our scholars’ lives.”

Dr. Nichols echoed her words.

“In addition to home and church involvement, our scholars have the advantage of a high-performing, innovative Christian school where academics and service to others are part of our culture here at ALCS,” noted Dr. Nichols. “Our teachers pour themselves into our students on a daily basis, and speak life into their lives in the context of biblical truth. The reality is that doing one’s best at all times and loving our neighbor as ourselves helps us grow both as Christians and as leaders. This pleases the Lord and helps meet the needs of people around us in loving and faith-building ways.”

The three Eagle scholars receive scholarships, and will be honored at the Annual Carson Scholars Fund West Coast Awards Banquet in Carlsbad, California on April 9. They will also be recognized at ALCS in May prior to the close of the school year.

The Carson Scholars Fund was established by Dr. Ben Carson and his wife, Candy. A retired world-renowned pediatric neurologist, Dr. Carson was named by CNN and TIME Magazine as one of the nation’s 20 foremost physicians and scientists in 2001, and has been serves as Professor Emeritus of Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University. After running for President of the United States in 2015-2016, Dr. Carson was recently confirmed as the new U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.